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Official Reports

"Property Appraisals from Expert Valuers"


The Property Vault's accreditation in Building Construction by The University of the West Indies and Valuer's membership and certification in Property Valuation by The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, a member of the International Valuation Standards Committee, positions our valuation reports among those of the highest standard globally.

We specialize in Residential property appraisals, inclusive of single dwelling units, townhouses, duplexes, apartment buildings, condos and land parcels. All of our official reports are produced utilizing market knowledge from comparables and economic movement consistent with the international valuation standards of consistency, transparency and quality.





Deposit: 1,200.00TTD


Properties valued 0 - 1,000,000.00TTD: 2,500.00TTD (inclusive of deposit)


Properties valued over 1,000,000.00TTD: 25% of 1% (inclusive of deposit)