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Property Valuation, also known as Real Estate Appraisal, is the process of developing a professional opinion of value for real property (usually market value), undertaken by a certified valuer with specialist experience dealing with the class of property to be valued.


Who needs valuation reports?


Regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), our verified valuers are uniquely equipped  with  the  knowledge and experience  to  produce  reliable  valuation reports for every need.

  • Vendors/Sellers

Property-Owners seeking to enter the market at an achievable sale price consistent with market value.

  • Investors and Purchasers

Real Estate Trusts and Individuals seeking to invest in real estate or home-ownership where dependable property appraisals are required to make informed purchase decisions, transfer title, insure holdings or secure mortgages from lending institutions to acquire property.


  • Banks, Mortgage Companies, Credit Unions and Other Lending Institutions

Property Appraisals for accounting purposes and mandatory requirements for granting loans and mortgages against property values essential to the decision-making process of Lending Institutions.

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